Believing In the Bible In An Unbelieving World (click for audio)

Series: 2020 Focus: Living Godly In An Ungodly World

This lesson was originally streamed via Facebook Live. Please visit for access to that livestream.

We live in a world where it is growing ever increasingly against the thought of a God who inspired a book that is to guide the lives of mankind. Humanists are especially anti-Bible and anti-faith becuase they see the Bible, faith, and religious living as being detrimental to the health of human society. Therefore, it is their goal to expose the weaknesses and failures of the Bible in order to cause people to lose faith in it as the Word of God and inturn lose faith in God. This lesson looks as some of their objections straight from the American Humanist Association's website, but it also gives time for the counter-claims that the Bible can be trusted as legitimate and authentically from God. 

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