The Servant's True Family (Mark 3:7-35) -- (click for audio)

Series: The Incredible Jesus: A Study Through Mark's Gospel

In less than three chapters of Mark's Gospel it becomes abundantly clear that Jesus has picked up some pretty significant emenies within the established Jewish religious leadership. The depths of their hatred for Jesus can be seen in the fact that they were willing to make friends with their enemies, the Herodians, in order to bring an end to Jesus and His ministry (Mark 3:6). However, this hightlighting of Jesus's enemies is quickly followed up with the rest of chapter three which details Jesus establishing those who would support Him in His ministry and be the very people who would join Him in the new kingdom He was quickly to establish. This lesson looks at those men who would be His closest companions, Jesus's true power over the evil one, and who Jesus considers to be His true family. 

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