God's Household

Series: 2019 Daily Bible Reading: NT Letters

The Apostle Paul loved every opportunity that he had to spend in the presence of his brothers and sisters in various places, but even Paul only had so much time and ability to travel. One reason for his inability to travel was the time that he spent in Roman prison, but that didn't stop him from doing everything within his ability to continue to encourage his brethren. Paul used this time in chains to pen numerous letters to various people and churches. One such letter he wrote was to his "son in the faith" Timothy. In the first letter to Timothy, Paul addresses numerous issues that a preacher would face while serving a local church of God's people. This lesson looks at the texts of I Timothy 1-3 in order to learn of Paul's instructions to Timothy concerning what was necessary in order for a local church to serve and function as the truth pillar and foudation of the truth.

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