Getting Out Of The Box

While no two people have the exact same experiences in life, there is a commonality found in the lives of all people who live in any society across the world. That commonality is the experience of interacting with other people on a daily basis. We would love for all of our interactions to go smoothly and be enjoyable, but the reality is that sometimes we experience conflict and tension with others. Why is that? While these problems have been attributed or worded in different ways, I have never found an explanation for these issues that makes more sense than what is put forth in the book, "Leadership and Self-Deception." This book puts for forth a number of reasons we struggle in our interactions with othersn (all of them under the umbrella of being "in the box"), and it also offers numerous solutions that can help us (getting out of the box). While the findings within this book might seem revolutionary, I would suggest that this book has only discovered that which God inspired men to write about many years ago. This lesson looks at the problems that lead to and come from being in the box and the solutions that can help us to escape it.

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