Excelling As Young Disciples

Series: 2019 Focus: Excelling Still More

As disciples of Jesus, it can be very difficult at times to live out the command of being in the world but not of the world. Yes, we are told to be lights in a dark world and to influence those around us as best we can. However, even as adults this might be much more easily said than done because the negative influences all around us are strong. And what about the youngest disciples among us? Surely this is even more difficult to do since they might not feel all that capable of exacting real change all around them because of their youthfulness. This lesson looks at how even young disciples of Jesus can be excellent in their faiths, and much of it comes down to them making a personal dedication to godliness in all of their conduct. The stories involving Daniel and his three friends in the Book of Daniel set the stage for this lesson, and we hope it will motivate young disciples to seek excellence in everything that they do. 

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