Spreading The Word: Person By Person

Series: 2018 Growing Mightily & Prevailing

As one reads through the book of the Acts of the Apostles, it is nearly impossible to not be impressed with the tremendous success that was being experienced by the Apostles and the earliest of disciples. The message of God and the kingdom of heaven was being heard by so many, and people were being added to the body of Christ day by day. It would be a logical for us to ask the question, "What were these people doing that caused such great success?" We might fall back on the fact that they were working hand in hand with the Holy Spirit, but I am convinced that their formula for success was much more simple than that. This lesson looks at three incredibly simple and yet effective things they were doing that led to the great success that was being seen within the first century church and how we can experience that same success by doing the same things. 

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