Below is our archive of public news and announcements.

1st Annual Fall Weekend Of Praise

We are very excited for an upcoming weekend that will be devoted to a workshop, song service, and lessons that focus on how we can be excellent in our worship to God. Guests are more than welcome to each of our gathers, and we hope that everything we do together will be to God's glory. We are thankful to have Dan Lankford (Eastland Church of Chrits - Louisville, KY) as our featured speaker and song leader. Please join us as we praise God!

Young Peoples' Weekend Studies

We enjoyed a fantastic weekend of study with young people from all over the state of Tennessee! We're thankful for each young person in attendance, and we especially appreciate Terry Francis for his efforts in leading the studies. The follow link will take you to Terry's two lessons that he presented on Sunday morning.

VBS Studies

We enjoyed a fantastic week of VBS studies! The classes for the young folks featured great teaching on the journeys of Paul that established strong foundations of faith, and the adults also enjoyed strong teaching from various men from around the west Tennessee area on the same journeys of Paul. Please take a few mintues to listen to their great lessons!


Bible Class Schedule

October 16th - November 13th

Toddler Class: 17 Bible Time Periods

Pre-School & Kindergarten Class: Jesus- God's Son

1st - 5th Grade Class: Measuring By God's Rule

6th - 8th Grade Class: Measuring By God's Rule

High School Class: Why Do We Believe...?

College Class: A Mountain Moving Faith

Auditorium Adult Class: The Origins Of Christianity